• A loooooooong overdue update:
    November 11th

    Greetings Nerds,

    This website has not been updated in a grip but that's because all you tech savy kids these days like to click around on your tumblrs and your twitters and your facebooks and your soundclouds and whatnot. All that has remained updated. If you are of the traditionalist ilk and you still like to check a good ol fashioned official website, welp... my apologies. I will be better about this. Promise.

    Sooo, long story short:

    We lost three members. We gained three members. We made a record. We lost two members. We gained two members. We have a song placement in that tv show Nashville which airs tomorrow night at 10/9c on ABC. And we finally have a record coming out sometime in the Spring of 2015. Stay tuned...



  • Sooo many new jams!!!!!!!
    December 17th

    Would it be pretentious to do a quadruple album?  Yeah, probably.  Can't wait to pick ten or so of these and go lay em down in beautiful Berkeley, CA early next year.  Stay tuned...............

  • Aaaaaand I'm back home, where I belong.
    September 25th

    NYC essentially kicked me in the shins, stole my wallet and sent me packing.  Apparently, I'm not a city dweller.  But that's okay!  I'm back home in my beautiful town of Lawrence, KS and ready to work work work.  Full instrumentation demos will commence this week for our next album, tentatively titled "Thick Blood".  The album is about girls, jobs, drinking, the quotidian tumult and existential dread.  Sounds heavy, huh?  The songs are quieter and shorter and prettier and more elegant than anything I've written before.  I think.  I hope.  Stay rad!


  • A new chapter begins...
    July 30th

    I want to offer my sincerest gratitude to Seth Wiess, Kris Losure and Tyler Brown for playing music with me this year and just generally being rad dudes.  Together, we conquered (in our own humble way) over 20 U.S. cities and there was not a single blow-up, fight or squabble -- nothing but good, pure vibes.  These three men have reinvigorated my love of playing music in a live setting and I'm forever grateful. 

    But now I'm being summoned by that big shiny city of NY -- all steel and glass, grit and sass.  A new version of The Roseline will form, new songs will be sung, and a new chapter begins.  Here goes nothin'...


  • No! Sleep! Til Brooklyn!!!!
    June 13th

    Sooo much going on at Camp Roseline right now!  First of all, Colin has completed writing (what he anticipates) will be the songs for the next record.  It is tentatively titled, "Thick Blood", which at first glance sounds pretty fucking metal but really is just some vague reference to a lyric on the record about something or other.  And he just thought is sounded cool.  Isn't that justification enough anymore?  Also, The Roseline is relocating to Brooklyn, NY in August -- hence the title of this news post.  Why, you ask?  Because Brooklyn is the hippest place on Earth and what's hipper than an alt-country band who constantly apes Counting Crows, Gin Blossoms, Whiskeytown and Tom Petty?  Nothing!  But before we leave we will be partaking in a mini-tour of the midwest in late July (check our tour dates).  Come see us before we all get Hitler youth haircuts and start talking about how "perfectly New York" that one Glen Branca album is.

  • Back from tour!!!
    April 23rd

    We are back from our healthy tour of the Western portion of the U.S.  We are tired, filthy and going through Mexican food/alcohol withdrawals.  The tour was too much fun and I can't thank enough people that helped us out by buying cds or tshirts, putting us up in their homes, cooking for us, or simply politely clapping at a show.  Our faith in humanity has been restored! 

    So what now, you ask?  We are currently booking a midwest tour for June and Colin is recording a bunch of demos of new songs for the boys to learn.  Can't stop!  Won't stop!  Shine on you crazy diamonds!

  • Tour Time
    March 29th

    Today is Day 1 of touring to support the new record, Vast As Sky, which can be conveniently bought HERE. To kick things off we play the Replay Lounge in Roseline home base, Lawrence, KS. From there will be hitting the majority of the western U.S.! Head over to the 'tour' page to see the full schedule and make sure to let us us know if we'll be seeing you at one of the shows. Also, don't forget to follow us on Facebook and Twitter for the max amount of updates conceivably possible. 

  • Vast As Sky out now!
    March 27th

    Vast As Sky is officially out now throughout the digital world! You can grab it on iTunes HERE. If you grab it online be sure to rate and review the record and remember to check our tour dates where you can buy a phsical copy. Thanks in advance for all the support.

    But wait, there's more. Read up as The Pitch caught up to talk with Colin about "starting over" HERE.

  • New Website, New Album!
    February 22nd

    Greetings!  Check out our new digs.  Handsome, eh?  We're all swagged out with a new website, label and album that's coming out on March 27th.  Two days later, on the 29th, we will be celebrating the release of said record at The Replay Lounge in our lovely hometown of Lawrence, KS.  Immediately following that show we leave for a healthy tour which heads west.  Woohoo!  Stay tuned...